Should you hang your TV above your fire?

Ever since electric fires became the beautiful, stylish products they now are, the question has been asked. Is it safe to hang my TV above my fireplace?

In fairness, it is a question that has been asked about gas fires and solid fuel fires for years before electric fireplaces entered the conversation.

There were, of course, horror stories, urban myths and propaganda (OK, maybe that is a bit far) showing shrivelled plastic frames, burn units, failed screens and more. The true horror of switching on your 75” 8K LED TV, to find it pixelated, useless and very much for the scrapheap.

Well, there is some truth to this, for gas and solid fuel fires that is. The fact they generate so much heat, that needs to dissipate form the source of ignition, is not good for the devices in close proximity.

For the sake of ease, let’s looks at just gas fires, to save repeating ourselves with ‘gas fires and also solid fuel fires’ all the time. Please note that any of the issues we are raising for gas fires do exist for solid fuel fires, but we will just be looking at gas fires.

There is the immediate risk with a gas fire that you have a naked flame in your fireplace. Whilst largely controlled, this could potentially get out of control. Anything hanging from, or sitting on the mantelpiece could be in danger of catching fire.

Now, not to get too scaremongery… gas fires also need a flue, usually the chimney, for spent fire fuel (the gas) to escape through, so as not to poison you or coat your room in soot, delightful. The efficiency of the flue drops over time, as soot and other debris build up, meaning the exhaust for the fire is effectively smaller. As the blockage increases your only option is to get the chimney swept. Otherwise there is a danger of the smoke entering your room. It needs to escape, and if the exit through the chimney is blocked, it will find another outlet.

While less extreme than fire damage, smoke damage can be a complete pain where electronics are involved. Those without a good IP rating for solids (5 or above, so for example IP65, IP68) might experience a problem with becoming clogged up.

The radiant heat from the fire can be quite extreme too, depending on the level you have the fire set to. Remember that at least 50% of this escapes up the chimney, if there is a blockage it won’t just be the smoke that builds up. The heat inside in the chimney will build up, potentially causing a problem as the wall heats up – that would be the wall that your TV is hanging on… So, less than ideal.

OK, so this information so far may have you thinking twice before hanging your precious telly above your fireplace – and as discussed it applies to gas fires and solid fuel fires (for clarity this is any open fire, it could be coal, logs or any other combustible material.) So we cannot hang our televisions over our fireplaces then? Wrong.

Wrong, wrong and wrong again. There is a type of fireplace that poses significantly less risk to your TV than the aforementioned fuel types. You may have guessed which one I’m talking about… Any guesses? That’s right! Electric fireplaces!

Not only do electric fireplaces look way more stylish and give you complete control of the appearance of the flames, the fuel beds and the uplights, they are also perfect candidates to accommodate TV’s being placed above them.

The electric fireplaces do not give off radiant heat in all directions. No heat goes up the flue, why? That is because electric fireplaces do not need a flue. So where does the smoke go? Electric fires don’t produce smoke, or actually any pollutant. What?


Customer Image - 1250 HD+ 1

So it is safe to hang my TV above my electric fireplace? From the point of view of heat or smoke causing a problem, then it is absolutely safe to mount your TV above your electric fire, yes. Just make sure it is properly anchored, and sturdy; follow the clear instructions provided with all of our fires and you can’t go far wrong. Your electric fire will not cause any problems to affect your TV, meaning you can enjoy the stunning centrepiece of your room, while bingeing on your favourite shows!

Make sure the TV is at the right height so you don’t crane your neck – am I speaking from experience? J Remember, measure twice, cut once.

So what are your options? Well Fireplace Factory has a huge range of the best fires and fireplaces, as well as the best marble fireplaces money can buy, and they are all available on our site, here.