New Build Electric Fits – The Blank Canvas

So you’ve just moved into a new build. The rooms are bare and all you can see are clear blank walls.

What we see, is a blank canvas. Time to make a masterpiece!

Straight away you’ve not got the hurdle that some customers have, with an existing brick chimney already taking up some of that vital room space.

Now, let’s get our palette and see what type of set up suits you. If you want the modern look, with keeping with some traditional aspects, an electric suite is for you. Our luxury wooden electric suites can also cater for those with a smaller living space by adding the Bespoke 890HD and Bespoke 640HD.

Simply get online, pick the custom coloured high gloss suite to match your colour scheme and order.

Get your surround set up with ease and make this part of your dream home, hassle free.

NOW, we look at the biggest trend in home improvement. The media wall, aka “false breast”, with your tv opening and luxury electric fire sitting proudly below. Your homes already heat efficient so it’s all primarily about the aesthetics with this set up.

With it being about the looks, the Bespoke electric fire range is perfect for setting the scene for any season. Whether it’s a winters night cosy look, or  the chic cool crystals, you have it covered with over 10,000 combinations in your fire.

Gone are the days of tv stands with a spaghetti junction of wires sending your ocd up the wall. Your chic look will have the fire housed, sky boxes in their custom made slots and the tv parallel to keep everything in proportion. The added bonus that now your moving in, you can get the electrics point to be hidden for the fire and electric devices out of view in the media wall.

For those who love a project to be proud of, Bespoke Fireplace have got a simple step by step guide on how to build your own set up with the UKs leading DIY expert, Craig Philips. Check out our youtube page to see how to ‘Do It Yourself’ or bring in that friend/relative who simply lives with a pencil behind their ear and measuring tape in their pocket.

Check our new website to see what fire would suit your room.

Stay Safe