Modern Fireplaces for Modern Homes

Electric fireplaces are a big hit with our customers, they send us emails and call us to tell us how much they love their new fires, and they can’t believe how easy it was to install them. This is one of the main advantages of electric fires, they can be fit in a very short period of time and are flexible enough to be fitted in just about any room. It is also one of the privileges we get from fitting the most beautiful, highest quality electric marble fireplaces in the UK. We love to hear form our customers!

Matched with stunning contemporary designs, and complete control over the heat and appearance of the fire, our electric fireplaces come with comprehensive installation instructions. Of course, you can relax completely and have a Fireplace Factory trusted partner fit the fire for you. If however you have basic DIY skills, you won’t believe the polished looks you can achieve.

Electric fireplaces are also ideal for fitting in non-traditional settings. For example, if you are in a flat or apartment you may struggle to fit a solid fuel fire, unless you are on the top floor that is! So let’s say there is actually a floor above you. It is unlikely that you could fit the required flue for a gas fire or a solid fuel fire, meaning these options simply are not open to you.

Instead, after a short, simple installation you could have a striking and fully customisable electric fireplace as a standalone unit, or as part of a media wall. Bringing new life to your apartment, providing a stunning central focal point and without the hassle of a complicated installation.



But will my apartment smell? What about the fumes? Will I have to keep my windows open when I using the fireplace?

The answers to these question, in order, are: No. There won’t be any fumes, and no again.

There won’t be any fumes or smell produced by our electric fire because it is not ‘burning’ anything. It does not use a fuel source, other than electricity to heat a 2kW heater, and illuminate hyper realistic HD+ flames in a choice of colours and brightness that is entirely your choosing.

Chilling and watching a box set on Netflix? Turn the brightness down, and have a relaxed, silent, fireplace with glowing flames to make you extra cosy. Want to brighten up a dull day? Turn up the brightness and select a colour to bring out your happy. Our fireplaces are entirely under your control and change appearance immediately as you select your options.

Have we set you thinking about a nice media wall now? It would look great in your house, wouldn’t it? Integrated into a unit with your TV, digital receivers, consoles and anything else you choose to add to your custom made media wall! We have comprehensive instructions on creating a media wall, delivered by our friend and colleague Mr Craig Philips – you can see Craig’s video here on our YouTube channel.

There are a number of configurations possible with our fireplaces too – you can have a one sided, two sided or even three sided fireplace – Please see this example of our superb Bespoke 2000 3DP Ultra fire, a popular choice among our customers and especially celebrities.

Milano Bench Black

So in your modern home, what better than a modern electric fireplace? There are so many different styles on our website, and our team are ready and waiting to give you support and answer any question you may have about any of our products.

A lot of our customers are building their houses, completely bespoke to them. Once upon a time this was an approach open only to a few, with Grand Designs bringing the practice to the attention of the masses. In recent times it has become increasingly popular for people to design and build their own homes – with the help of architects and the proper planning, of course! We have delivered and fitted fires and fireplace suites around the country, to new houses that are looking for the ultimate showstopper in their reception rooms. The centrepiece that will have their guests not just talking, but turning green with envy.

So give the team a call or perhaps arrange a visit to one of our showrooms, and we guarantee you won‘t regret it.