Matching Your TV Size to Your Fireplace.

How big should my fireplace be when my TV is mounted above it?

Not everyone agrees with the trend toward mounting TVs above fireplaces. However, the reality is, that it is often a challenge to set up a room so that both can be enjoyed when they are not on the same wall. But why?

Sitting by a fire, watching TV is one of the best things about having your own place. The aesthetic of having your fireplace on the same wall as your fireplace helps not only the look, but also frees up space in your room.

As TV’s have gotten larger over time, those that are 28” or 32” are now few and far between. These smaller TVs would sit comfortably in an alcove, or in the corner, and could be entirely independent of the fireplace.

With bigger TVs, we’re talking 55-75+ inch TVs, these simply will not fit in a lot of these places. The chimney breast is where most large TV’s sit, in the living rooms and lounges around the land. Where there might have been a mirror before, there is now a TV. Sometimes it is a TV that turns into a mirror when it is switched off!

This means getting the sizing right for both the TV and the fireplace is crucial to achieving the best look.

This goes for both the feature fireplaces and the false wall fireplaces. However, there are key differences between the two types.

For the false wall options, generally there is a rule of thumb – always make sure the fireplace is wider than the TV.

In our experience, the fireplace should be a little wider (6-8 inches) than the TV. This allows the wall to frame the TV, while offering sleek lines for the edges of the fireplace. Having more space beyond the TV edges can sometimes make the TV look too small for the wall it is on.

1500-Panoramic-electric fire for media centre

The example here is our Bespoke Panoramic 1500 HD+ fireplace. As you can see, the edges of the fireplace are flush with the walls, and there is a small section of wall showing before the edge of the TV. This helps to frame the TV, and any other spaces such as the device bay in this example.

With the feature fireplaces, and also Fireplace Suites, this is not as important. The fireplace can be wider than the TV, or shorter. There are great examples within our range as shown below.


Obviously, the choice is yours, but as a rule of thumb we would recommend not getting a TV that is a lot bigger or smaller than your fireplace. The offsetting of the two will make one look too small for the other.


For a feature fireplace, we would recommend a similar match in size. So for a typical fireplace this would see the TV being at least 50 inches. Also, it is important to remember, when measuring, that a TV is measured diagonally – from the bottom left corner to the top right corner. That is what will measure 50 inches, not the actual width of the television.

This advice is also applicable to mirrors, or pictures that you want to hang over your beautiful new fireplace. The choice is yours, and there is a huge range of options to get the look you have been dreaming of!

If you need any further advice on sizing your fireplace correctly, you are in luck! Our team of experts are ready and waiting to give you friendly advice and support on finding the perfect fireplace match for you. You can reach them on or give them a call on 0151 546 6854.

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As with all fireplaces, it is essential to make sure the TV or any decoration is safely distanced from the fire itself. While the risk of your TV, ornaments etc. catching fire are significantly lower with our electric fires, we must point out that safety procedures must be followed. Our electric fireplaces offer superb value, and provide fantastic heat for your homes, but above all we pride ourselves on the safety of our products.