Home Improvement – Never a better time.

Whilst I type this blog, the paint brushes have only just been put away at 22:15. Yesterday the wall paper got stripped. Easily two of the most tedious chores that feel like community service.The reason I’ve been doing these jobs isn’t to keep busy, it’s because I’ve realised how important my homes become.

It’s tough and testing times at the moment with the covid-19 pandemic. The lock down means we’re all spending more time at home than ever before. Which means it has become a priority now, to make my house a modern home.

By putting in the work now, I’ll have my home a place I won’t want to leave in the future. No holidays this year, no festivals. The money will now be used to make my own little palace.

SO if you’ve been thinking about building a media wall with a luxury fire or getting that new fire suite. DO IT. You’ve seen the photos of other customers set ups and looked at them in envy. Tagged your partner into them and then not done anything about it.

Fireplace Factorys new website and delivery service means you can start the process straight away. Our teams on hand to advise which fire will suite your size tv and offer as much advice as we can.

You have the added bonus of Mr DIY himself Craig Phillips who has done a step by step video guide on how to build your own. Make it the project which will mean that little bit more to you when you have your down time in front of your media wall.

Check out our gallery of photos. Get that inspiration. Use this time to shelve them excuses, get the look you want and deserve.

Stay Safe