Electric or Gas? Existing brick chimney homes.

Apart from making sure you’re having a lovely day. The first question we ask our customers is, “are you looking for electric or gas?”

It’s a question that stumps many customers. They simply don’t know what they want or what’s best for them. We’re going to have a look at what type of fire is best for you. As the years and decades have gone by, peoples needs and households have changed.

The majority of households now have double glazed windows and central heating, which reduces the need for a gas fire.

Let’s start with old build homes with an existing chimney breast and gas fire already fitted. A lot of these customers because they are used to having a gas fire want another one. A lot of the time, this is because it’s what they have always known. Some people don’t like or know change.

“How often do you use your current gas fire?”

9 out of 10 times the answer is “we don’t use it” or “once or twice at Christmas.” Their homes are warm enough, so the gas fire becomes redundant. “So why would you want a gas fire?” You wouldn’t buy a new TV if you’re only going to use it once or twice a year. This is why most customers end up moving over to a electrical fire which can be used all year round for it’s modern look, not forgetting the optional heat output just in case you do need that extra little helping of heat.

We can organise to get your fire capped off and removed by a gas safe registered fitter. Now it’s time to modernise that room with a efficient electric fire you can use 365 days of the year.

BUT! What if it’s a cold house that relies on it’s gas fire massively. Either because it’s a big room or lacks radiators ect. Then let’s pick you a gas fire. Not just any gas fire. We’ll help advise you towards a fire that will save you more in the long run, as well as bring instant heat with a high efficiency with an eye pleasing look.

Keep an eye out for our future blogs, on all them questions you need answered.

Stay Safe