Why electric?

Why should you choose an electric fire from the Bespoke range?

Electric fires have come a long way over the past couple of years, and they are currently a massive hit with influencers and bloggers around the globe. 

The question remains what makes electric fires the favoured choice over gas?

They are absolutely gorgeous!

The fire is usually the focal point of the room and it just has to look amazing. The Bespoke range provides luxury three sided electric fires, one sided electric fires and both marble and timber surrounds. Even with the heat turned off, an electric fire can still light up a room and create that ambience. 

Instant heat

The Bespoke electric range from the Fireplace Factory are all ‘plug and play’. With just one click of a button and the heat is on. There is no need to ignite the fire, or collect coals or logs! 

Heat control 

The modern electric fires in the Bespoke range all have multiple heat settings. You are in complete control over the heat your fire will emit. With 2 heat settings, a cold air setting AND a flame only setting – you can choose how warm you would like your room to be. 


Gas fires can lose up to 55% of the heat that they generate. With an electric fire the heat (or cool air!) goes exactly where you want it – into your room!


The Bespoke electric fires are completely versatile. They all have over 10,000 combinations available within each fire. You can change the flame colours, show lights and bed lights! As if this wasn’t enough, the glass front on the fires is also removable and it is possible to change the contents of the fire. Some customers love to go for the traditional look, using the embers and the HD logs. For those that want that modern twist; crystals, pebbles and smoked gems can be added. All included with each purchase!


A huge benefit of having an electric fire instead of a gas fire is the safety aspect. The lack of real flames means that the glass doesn’t get too hot, making the Bespoke range pet and child friendly!