The Best Marble Fireplaces – Part One

I must tell you, straight from the outset, this is going to be a fairly long list, spread over the coming weeks… It is going to include a lot of the fireplaces featured on Fireplace-Factory, because to put it bluntly – they are the best marble fireplaces.

There is a range of styles, ready to match a range of tastes, bringing a flavour of exuberance and sophistication to your living areas. I say living areas, as I don’t wish to assume the fires will only be going into your lounges. They are so flexible, due to the lack of constraints in installation, that they can be fitted anywhere in your house.

Let’s start with one of our favourite models, reflecting an era of beauty – a belle époque if you will – the Step Elite Suite.

Hewn from marble, a metamorphic stone formed in the ground under huge heat and pressure, the Step Elite Suite marble fireplace is a beautiful and unique product.

With its straight edges and crisp lines, flowing to beautifully hand-matched corners, constructed by hand by our engineers, the Step Elite fireplace is a stunning feature for any room.

With the three stepped mantle, from where the range takes the name, the Step Elite is one of our most high end products.

The design of the surround, with the in-built lighting adding an extra dimension, lends itself to both modern and traditional interior design. This suite looks superb in any setting, and draws attention to itself with the integrated Bespoke 890 HD+ electric fire insert.

The 890 HD+ fire that features in the Step Elite Suite is a premium electric fire. It lends itself to both insertion into a fireplace surround such as this, or to be installed as part of a media wall, in a more modern setting.

The main features of the 890 HD+ are that it can be used in any room in your house, not requiring a flue due the nature of the power source being electricity – there are no exhaust fumes to be taken away by a flue or chimney.

The 890 HD+ in the Step Elite Suite fire surround give you the option of having the aesthetics of a roaring fire, but with the flexibility of choosing the heat settings. This makes the fireplace a year round feature – helping to keep you warm and toasty in winter, and the option to operate as a cooling fan in the hotter months.

The Step Elite Suite is available in 5 colourways – you can choose between following colours:

Fireaplce Factory - Step Elite Cuite Colour Optinos

I think you’ll agree, the suite will look fantastic in any of these colourways.

The first option, Italian Grey with Polar White completely changes the appearance of the fire, and lets it fit in with rooms that are perhaps a little darker – so it does not stand out quote as much as brilliant white marble may.

Polar White, the second option, is a dream combo for minimal interior design – the epitome of minimal luxury, ultra-modern and yet still warm and inviting.

The third option is Polar White and Grey Quartz – with subtle accents of the grey quartz highlighting the design features of the fireplace surround.

The fourth option is a reverse of the first colour scheme, with Polar White being the dominant colour and Italian Grey taking the part of the accent highlight – a beautiful look.

Finally, the option of Polar White and Rehlvina is perfect for extravagant room settings and their exuberant owners! The natural beauty of Rehlvina is not to be underestimated.

You do not need to purchase the 890 HD+ when buying the Step Elite fireplace suite – it is included in the price you see. If that does not bring a smile to your face, we can only try harder next time!

With Black Friday coming up don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled on our website and social media accounts for all of the latest and greatest offers. All electric fires purchased during the Black Friday period should be delivered by Christmas (2 years ago we could have guaranteed this, but the last 18 months have not been exactly typical), so you can be enjoying your new electric fire and statement marble fireplace.

If you have any questions about the Step Elite, Bespoke 890 HD+ or need a bit of advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with the sales team. Drop them a line or give them a call! The team are ready to support our customers throughout the Good Friday period (should be called Good Week for this purpose) and beyond.

Thank you for your time in reading this post!!