Marble Electric Fireplaces

Nothing can add a sense of drama, a feeling of luxury and a focal point to a room quite like a marble fireplace. The traditional designs have stood the test of time, while modern, contemporary styles provide an update for this elegant, luxurious material.

Here at Fireplace Factory, we manufacture a wide range of electric fires, and fireplace suites, with true marble surrounds. Designed and built with opulence and quality at the forefront of our creation process.

At Fireplace Factory we literally, take the stone from the ground, prepare it, create our individual designs by machine and by hand and sell them direct to the public.  Our whole ownership of the production processes ensures we maintain the highest levels of quality in the industry.

You won’t find ‘marble-effect’ fireplaces here, we use only the best real marble to craft our fireplaces. Again, the quality control allows our fireplaces to not only meet the latest design trends, but also benefit from the longevity of the products. Our marble fireplaces and suites are of the highest standard, bringing our customers reliable, long-lasting products.

Within this category, there a lot of choices. You can choose between a modern, contemporary fireplace suite – with clean lines and minimal detailing, such as our Miami Suite. Or you can select a more traditional looking fireplace, bringing out the resplendent luxury of the marble suite, such as our Step Elite Suite.

Miami Suite colour range

Once you have decided on the perfect suite for you, you can then choose what colour you would like the suite in.

Again, taking the Miami Suite as an example, you can choose between a beautifully classic polar white marble, the stylish and sophisticated Italian grey option or the warm and timeless Nacarado.

However, with some ranges you can choose multiple different options. The Step Elite range has 5 different colour schemes. With the main body of the fireplace where you can select any of the 5 colours, to the election of the feature colour.

So with a classic polar white main colour you may wish to add a feature colour of grey quartz, Italian grey or Rehlvina.

Step Elite Suite colours

The colour difference is subtle, but it adds bespoke feel to the fireplace. Of course, you can always choose a different style or colour entirely. This example of the Step Elite suite with Italian Grey as the lead colour illustrates what a difference the colour of the fireplace can add to a room.

Step Elite Suite Italian Grey

So whether it is a traditional unit, exuding sumptuous and pearlescent luxury; or a sophisticated, stylish and ultimately versatile modern option, we have the fireplace for you.

Some of our ranges include integrated LED lights, further adding to the luxury feel of the fireplace. Our Denver Suite is a prime example. The combination of sleek simplicity and elegance, the Denver suite can complement any room.

Denver Fireplace

Matched with any of our superb electric fires, the additional lighting options further allow the customisation of your suite. Adding an extra dimension to this focal point within your room.

The benefit of combining the plush marble surrounds with an electric fire are numerous, also. The increased flexibility around colours and flame intensity are just two.

The nature of the electric fireplace makes it instantaneous, so when you want the fire to be roaring away it is, immediately. There is no waiting around for the fire to get going.

There is also the safety angle to consider. With minimal heat build-up in the glass panel or panels, depending on your fire, the risk of burns and accidental injury is greatly reduced. This is particularly of concern when considering babies, toddlers or pets.

Our marble fireplaces also very easy to install. Our products come with very clear instructions and our staff are on hand at the end of the phone line, ready to help with whatever you need. This video clip shows Craig Philips installing a Denver Suite fireplace.


If however, you do not want to install the fireplace yourself, we can arrange for a trusted engineer within our network to fit the fire for you, at your convenience.

You can view our range of marble fireplace suites here.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach us on email, live chat or by telephone. Our team are waiting to help you buy the right fireplace.