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The timeless beauty of a marble fireplace is a feature that cannot be beaten. A true centrepiece for your room, bringing sophistication and style, the marble fireplace never goes out of fashion.
Stain resistant, all natural, marble is the ideal material for a fireplace. Not to mention how tough marble is, a big bonus for anyone with children around!
Considering buying a fireplace at the moment? There are two major questions to answer. Why buy from us? Why buy marble? Let’s start with the first one; who are the Fireplace Factory and what makes them the place you should be buying from? Allow us to delve into what we do, how we do it and what quality means to us.
Why buy from Fireplace Factory? We source all of our own marble – from the ground. It is not imported from the cheapest supplier, which means we get total quality control of the whole process.
From the mining to the designs, the manufacturing to the quality assurance. Everything is handled by us, in-house, to ensure that we are proud of everything that leaves our factory.

Marble Delivery - Fireplace Factory

Speaking of our factory, in our newly refitted workshop our team craft the marble fireplaces using the latest CNC machines but complete all of the construction and finishing touches by hand. Each fireplace is then put through a stringent quality control process, meaning goods below our high standards never leave our factory.

Our Workshop - Fireplace Factory


The tolerances of the CNC machines mean that our customers get laser-like precision, no bumpy edges, only an aesthetically beautiful end product.

Once the CNC machines have done their part, our skilled craftsmen work the marble; matching to a pattern or design, choosing the best white and coloured marble. With over 50 years’ combined experience, our workshop team construct our marble fireplaces to the highest standard. No gaps, everything aligns perfectly. You can’t teach this, it has come through experience, and it certainly can’t be done mass produced by a machine.

Our Skilled Craftsmen - Fireplace Factory

Addressing the second question – why marble? Well, read on.

Luxuriate in the elegance of your marble fireplace, with custom lighting from our Bespoke range and let the stresses of the day lift.

A perfectly cosy fire, with temperature control so you can enjoy it all year round – our marble fireplaces are such beautiful items that it is difficult to believe they serve such functional and useful purposes.

All natural, the marble is pure and not engineered like micro marble, which contain resins to stick together marble dust. Although micro marble does have its place, it cannot match the resplendent luxury of true, pure marble.

The look and feel of marble fireplaces is unique to them. There is no other product like it. Marble fireplaces also differ from one another. Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed under huge pressure deep inside the Earth. Starting life as limestone, the immense heat and pressures transform the rock into the much more desirable marble. This natural process, which cannot be recreated in the lab, produces a truly unique material where each slab mined is different.

So, from the bowels of the Earth comes this glorious, beautiful product. We cannot take credit for the production process of the marble itself, but our designers and fabricators create stunning masterpieces with it.

With an in-wall fire, electric of course, the beautiful marble surround can be selected in so many styles through Fireplace Factory. Our surrounds and suites for the marble ranges can be as custom as your requirements. Can’t see something you would like on the website? Get in touch and we will help you to achieve he look and standard you have in mind.

Our Kirkby Showroom - Fireplace Factory

Our marble fireplaces perfectly match our Bespoke fires, a match made in heaven. If you are looking for a traditional fireplace then look no further than our Thompson Plus Suite.  Available in a range of colours, this suite matches perfectly with our Bespoke 640 HD+ fire, which is included in the price!

Come down to one of our showrooms and see the quality for yourself. Feel the exquisite marble, see the vibrant colours, and see how the electric fireplaces perfectly match the surround. We have showrooms in Knowsley and in St. Helens. We are open 6 days a week, and are ready to help advise you about your desired fireplace.