Bespoke Galaxy 72 electric fire suite

Should I get an Electric Fire?

When buying a fire for your home there are many options, gas, wood burner or electric fire, which is the best fireplace option for you? When it comes to heating

electric fire suite modern classic Scatola Grey

Picking the right Electric Fireplace for your Interior Design

Your home can be however you want it, classic, modern, traditional or contemporary but when spending money on an electric fireplace you are creating a feature that will bring your

mounted electric fire with TV

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace – The Hottest Trend in Interior Design

Electric Fires have become more and more popular over the past 5 years, not only are they better for the environment, cheaper to run, and safer for family homes but

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My House Doesn’t Have A Chimney? What Fireplace Can I Get?

More and more modern homes are being built without the traditional chimney and also many older homes have chimneys that are blocked up for various reasons, this can limit the

electric fire and TV

What is the minimum distance I need between my TV and electric Fire?

  Aimee from Fireplace Factory demonstrates in this short video the minimum distance we recommend between your electric fire and your TV when mounting onto a media wall or feature

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Fireplace Suites for Landlords and Property Developers

An electric fireplace suite can add value to a property you are looking to sell or rent out, they are a safe option for tenants and provide the wow factor

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How to build a Marble Flame effect Electric Fireplace

Craig Phillips takes you through this step by step video on building one of our BESTSELLING marble flame effect electric fireplace. Follow the video and you will have no problems

Scatola-Black-Relvena- electric fire

Can you replace a Gas fire with an Electric Fire?

There are many reasons why people are moving from gas fires to electric fires, they are cheaper to run, safer to install, and safer for young children and animals. With

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This Black Friday Santa has been to Fireplace Factory HQ and dropped off loads of goodies for our customers on the nice list! You can choose from 3 amazing gifts

electric fires safe for pets

Is An Electric Fire Safe?

You want your home to be safe and fire safety is always a big priority, especially if you have small children or animals, we look at the benefits of having