False chimney breast FAQs

So you may have a dozen questions. Some may seem silly, some complicated. The thought of getting a brand new luxury fire, built elegantly into a media wall has to be an experience you’re looking forward to. The end result is going to be one you can’t wait to share with friends and your social media followers… and if we’re being honest, make them all jealous of your new cool set up.

Well, we are here to help you understand more and put them queries to bed!

Let’s get started.



Q) Does the fire give out heat?

The main reason customers purchase an electric fire is for the aesthetics, though having a heat option definitely comes in handy.
With the Bespoke electric range, every fire has the option of 1 kw of heat and 2 kw of heat. Ideal to heat the room and save turning the heating on for the full house. It also comes with a cool blower options to help on those hot summer days.
Finally, the most popular choice, no heat or cool air. Simply enjoy the ultra realistic HD flames.



Q) Will the heat damage my TV?

So the TV is being fitted above and you may be worrying that the electric fire may cause damage. It is natural to ask this, as it is a well known fact that heat does rise.
Your fires regulated at 2 kw for a few reasons, this is primarily for safety reasons. The convector heat will not damage any electric appliances above it. When you think about it, your fires electric. It could be on for 12hrs a day and still be fine. The Bespoke range have been designed to pull in the cool air and have internal fans to keep it from over heating.
So when the winter sets in, put them deep orange flames on with your heat setting for a cosy night in.



Q) Where do I put my media boxes?

So there are various extra devices that you may want to be part of your media wall, such as sky boxes, sound bars, game stations and a maybe a sneaky little box for the football. There’s a few options of how where we can put them:

  • One option is to make an opening on the front/face of the breast. This is a very popular option for a sound bar, to help get the best sound quality from your device.
  • You can build a opening on the side of the breast to put your devices. This options also handy for putting remotes etc in to keep the room tidy and everything in one place.
  • Another option is to put your devices behind the TV. If you get a extendable TV bracket and the TVs sitting flush on the front of the beast, they’ll be a space behind the TV to put your boxes. It can either be placed on the shelf behind or you can bracket it up behind by the bracket mounting (make sure its still picking up the remote signal).



We hope this has answered a few questions that you may have had. If you have any further questions, simply ask us by emailing online@bespokefireplace.co.uk or alternatively ring the customer service line on 0151 792 0091.
We’ll revisit your questions in one of our blogs in the next few weeks.
Stay Safe
The Fireplace Factory Team