Do Electric Fireplaces Use a Lot of Electricity

Electric fireplaces are safer to install and better for the environment than gas fires, but do electric fireplaces use up a lot of electricity, and do they cost a lot to run?

Our electric fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient, they are built to have 2 heat settings for convenience and also to save energy. You can choose 800w setting for a warm fire, or on colder nights 1600w setting to give you a lovely hot fire. Our electric fires are also built with an energy-saving open window cut out device.

In terms of efficiency the controls on an electric fire mean they are 200% energy efficient, this means no energy or heat is wasted or lost. In comparison to this, a gas flueless fire is 99% efficient but a non-flu gas fire is only 25% efficient which means approximately 75% of the heat and energy is wasted.

A flueless gas fire can be quite cheap to run, as it is more energy-efficient than a normal gas fire, however, you still have to have this fitted by a specialist corgi registered gas fitter to make sure your gas fire is safe.

Electric fires can be easily installed yourself and safely moved if you decided to change rooms. As a family business, we have our electric fires in our own homes as with young children they safe.

This video shows one of our customers installing the Scatola Suite.


How much does it cost to run an electric fire?

Electricity is more expensive than gas at the moment (the difference will depend on your provider) however Electric fires are more efficient so if you are running an open gas fire at 10p per hour (approx) but 7.5% of that is wasted energy it is better and more efficient to have an electric fire running at 30p per hour but 100% is used to warm the room.

Those are estimates, looking at the average UK cost per KWh, electricity is around 14p whilst gas is around 5p. This seems a big difference but electricity gives you a lot more control over that wattage. Our Electric fires can be controlled between 800w or 1600w whereas very few gas fires have that level of energy and heat control which is why some rooms with gas fires can become uncomfortably hot.

  • Electric Fireplace – 800w – 1600w – 11.2p – 22.4p per hour
  • Flueless Gas Fire – 2kw – 10p per hour
  • Wood Burning Stove –  2.35kw – 23.5p per hour
  • Open Flame Wood Burner – 8kw – 80p per hour
  • Open Flame Gas Fire – 8kw – 40p per hour

For more information on the way, our fireplaces are committed to energy efficiencies, carbon footprint and money-saving please get in touch.