Why Should You Buy An Electric Fire

At Fireplace Factory we have been moving away from gas fires, in favour of electric fires, we share our top reasons why you should buy an electric fire.


  • Safety – the number one reason to buy an electric fire is safety, they do not use gas or any real flames so you cannot be burnt and are not a fire risk. Many modern electric fires have extra safety features such as a cut off which will turn off the fireplace if it gets too hot or there is an electrical short.
  • No installation cost – unlike gas or wood burners there is no installation cost for an electric fire, in many cases, you can just plug in and switch on. There is no expensive gas engineer or structural changes to your home by installing a flue or chimney place. We have made our electric fires even simpler to install with DIY kits and guides.
  • Cheap to run and maintainelectric fires are cheaper to run than most fires, there are no added fuel costs except your electric bill, you do not need to regularly maintain the flue, or chimney for safety, no added costs that other fires can have.
  • They look real – a common complaint against electric fires was that they looked fake with no real flame, however, modern fires have much more realistic and even stylish effects, whether you want the flame to look real or want a more fashionable option you can choose for yourself.
  • They are efficient – electric fires are the most efficient fire on the market to date, 100% of the energy used goes towards heating the room, this means that you don’t lose heat which means you save money. Other fires can lose up to 60% of their heat via flues or chimneys or just inefficient burning.
  • Instant heat control – instead of waiting for a fire to burn, an electric fire means instant heat at the flick of a switch, you can also control the heat, many of our fireplaces have 2 heat settings and a cool fan setting so you can enjoy your fireplace all year round and never have to feel too hot or too cold.
  • Versatility – Electric fires come in many designs, from classic to contemporary, and can be mounted anywhere, this means you are not limited by your surroundings on having an electric fire. You do not need to make sure you have flue access or an exterior wall, you can even mount a fire below a TV as there is no risk to the heat traveling up and damaging the TV.
  • Upgrading your fire is easy – a fireplace can be an expensive part of your interior design, however, with an electric fire you save on installation and running costs, you can also easily move an electric fire from one room to another switching out and upgrading your rooms without any hassle.