Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace – The Hottest Trend in Interior Design

Electric Fires have become more and more popular over the past 5 years, not only are they better for the environment, cheaper to run, and safer for family homes but a wall mounted electric fireplace is one of the ‘hottest’ interior design trend in the UK and the US.

Wall mounted electric fires have become the most sought-after way to include a fire in your home, the top interior designers and property developers are all including wall mounted electric fires to show off space and stylise a reception room. A wall mounted fire is usually part of a media wall, a false wall that can hide away cables and mount your smart TV above the fireplace, this can add a lot of space to a living room or reception area as it eliminates the need for a TV stand as the smart TV is mounted flat against the wall and the Fireplace is nestled into the fake wall creating a visual centerpiece.

mounted electric fire with TV

Wall Mounted Electric Fire

A wall mounted electric fire is seen in magazines and on Instagram as the most popular electric fire, quickly overtaking the log burner which was popular a few years ago. Celebs and influencers are opting for a smarter and more bespoke look, with a remote control to control temperatures and your choice of flame colours and fuel options you can have your fire exactly how you want it.

It is super safe if you have animals or children as the heat does not come from the flame but from the heater below which is why it is also safe to mount your TV above the fire as this will not damage or harm your TV in any way, unlike a gas fire or log burner.

Electric fires can be used all year round as they have 2 settings and even a cool air fan for those really hot summer days, so you can enjoy the ambience of a roaring fire whilst controlling the heat output. You can even put your electric fire on a timer and link up to smart controls.

We have a number of bespoke fireplace suites to choose from, with 1000s of different combinations and options to suit your home and needs. Get in touch or visit us in the showroom to find out more.