Ten reasons we think you should get an electric fire

Bespoke Galaxy 72 electric fire suite

1. Safety

We will start with the big one. Safety is a primary concern, whenever a fire is considered. This is where electric fires play an absolute trump card. With no ‘real’ flames, electric fires are a lot safer than gas or solid fuel alternatives. If you have pets or young children, there is no danger of them going too close to the fire and burning themselves or singeing their hair. All of our fires come with power supply cut out features, which means that as soon as anything should go wrong, the fire cuts off completely eliminating any threat.

2. Looks

Let’s be honest, electric fires could be the safest, cheapest and most environmentally friendly option, but if they don’t look the part they aren’t going to be getting installed anywhere. We don’t just mean the fire itself, or the surround, but the actual look of the flames. Instead of having to wait for a solid fuel fire to get going, electric fires are consistently brilliant at the flick of a switch. The flames are fully controllable, and can be edited to your liking. Want a nice warm orange flame? No problem. Changed your mind and you would like a white flame? No problem – also, no need to get a new fireplace, just change the option within the fireplace interface! With electric fires having the animated flames this also means they don’t leave unsightly burn and soot marks like gas fires can. Your electric fire, read on to find out if it they are the cheapest/safest/most environmentally friendly, is a winner in the looks department.


3. Installation

OK, so you’ve made the great decision to get a fireplace fitted. It is going to be the focal point for the whole room. The fireplace is blocked though, and when you get through the plaster/brickwork you find there is no flue in the chimney. All of these additional expenses mean you might have to compromise on the actual fireplace! Fortunately, none of these are a problem with electric fires. Whether you are after an electric wall fire, a traditional electric fireplace suite or a 3 sided electric fire to feature as part of a media wall… None of them need access to a flue or chimney! Installation is significantly easier than the non-electric options.


4. Maintenance

There are a few things that gas fires and solid fuel fires create that an electric cannot. Among them, are soot, ashes and expensive servicing – phew, not a great loss then. So there is no emptying of ash, and they don’t need to be serviced annually? Well, no and no, but not exactly. They don’t need servicing annually, this is true. What this doesn’t tell you is that they don’t need servicing, full stop. All the maintenance you will ever have to do for your electric fireplace is a light dusting every now and then, to keep it in tip top condition, letting you see those custom flames you have designed.

5. Cost

OK, OK. So we have said that electric fires are the safest option, with no costly installation or maintenance required. You ask: This must mean they cost the Earth? They have a hefty price tag attached, and cost a lot of money to run? Sorry to say this, but you would be wrong twice. The cost of our fireplaces and suites reflects the true value of the products. They are top of the range fireplaces and surrounds, but they don’t have the astronomical costs of gas fires attached to them. On the second point, electric fires are definitely the cheapest option to run too. The maintenance costs are zero and the energy costs are lower than gas – win-win. A big part of this is down to the next point…


6. Thermal Efficiency

It sounds like we are bragging now, after all the other points this just seems to be overkill. However, it is true. Our electric fires are 100% efficient. If we look back to point 3, the electric fire is not attached to the flue or chimney. This means that none of the heat escapes up there! Gas and solid fuel fires can lose over half of the heat they generate directly up the chimney, you get none of that with electric fires.


7. Waiting time

It’s cold. You’re dripping wet from the surprise thunderstorm that soaked you on your way home from work. You want instant heat, warming you up nicely. You don’t want to be piling up logs, or waiting for a fire to get going. Simply flick the on button, and your electric fire will be heating you with that 100% efficiency we just mentioned, in an instant.


8. Warm or Hot?

In contrast to the last point, sometimes you don’t want your fire to blasting at full volume, top temperature all the time. It would be great if you could turn down the coal fire, but short of dousing it with a bucket of water it is pretty difficult to control the heat it generates. No such difficulty is encountered with electric fires. Want the temperature down a bit? Just turn it down, it is that easy. All of our fires come with various heat level options, putting you in control of the temperature of your house – just as you should be.


9. Versatility

Another big plus for electric fires is just how versatile they are. With the lack of chimney/flue access required, they can be put into any room in your house. They can also be put into a variety of fittings. Whether you are after the opulence of a traditional marble fireplace surround, or the sleek contemporary look of a media wall with a feature fireplace built in – electric fires can do it all. They can be fitted into brick, wood, MDF, marble – if it can support the weight of the unit, it can be fit into it. There are so few restrictions with electric fireplaces, meaning more of your dream looks can be achieved.


10. Environmentally friendly

Unlike gas fires and solid fuel fires, you are not actually ‘burning’ anything at the point of use with an electric fire. They produce no pollution either in your home or outside (again, no chimney/flue!) If you have a renewable energy supplier as your provider, then they produce no pollution at all! In addition this, the LED bulbs used to illuminate the flames require such low levels of electricity and they will last for a long time – in most cases well over 10 years.


So there are our ten reasons why you should get an electric fire. They cover a range of topics and points, with electric fires coming out on top in all of them. Call us biased, but we believe electric fires are the future in the home, just as electric cars are the future on our roads.
Did we miss any points? Feel free to drop us a line and let us know if we missed any of the awesome advantages electric fires have over other fuel types.