One of our best-selling ranges

We have a great range of fires and suites at the Fireplace Factory, and we are proud to say so.

Some ranges generate more interest from customers than others. Consistently one of the most enquired about suites is the Bespoke Panoramic range.

Available in three options, the Panoramic range caters for a wide variety of customers. The range consists of the 700 HD+, the 1250 HD+ and the 1500 HD+. The higher the number, the larger the fireplace.

Bespoke Panoramic fireplace collection

The Bespoke Panoramic Range, 700 HD+ on the left with the 1250 HD+ in the centre and the range topping 1500 HD+ on the right.

All of the Bespoke Panoramic range provide a true focal point for any room. Although the smallest in the range, the 700 HD+ still has a presence that is unmatched by traditional fireplaces.


All Panoramic fires feature the option of having 1, 2 or 3 glass sides, giving you flexibility to fit the fire into any possible configuration.


The three fireplaces also provide customisable options. The first, being able to choose what fuel bed you would like. Choose from 6 fuel bed options: HD+ logs, smoked gems, burning embers, pebbles, clear gems or large crystals. Pick the right option that fits your room and the fireplace will fit perfectly.


The flames on all three fires are also controlled by the user. Choose between 10 flame effect colours, and 5 brightness effects. These settings can be changed at any time, with ease right on the fireplace. There is no need to worry about only having the option of one colour or speed, you can change it to match your mood whenever you like.


2 heat settings are available – at 800w to keep a room at a nice comfortable temperature and 1600w for when you want to wrap up and get toasty.


The remote control that comes with all 3 of the Bespoke range means you can control the fire from the comfort of your chair. If you cannot find the remote at any point, you can control the fires by using the touch panel controls – until the remote turns up.


It is because of all these customisable options that the Panoramic fires can be so unique. When you factor in the different colour, flame and brightness options you have a lot of different choices. You have up to 10,000 variations possible, which seems crazy! This means you can set up your fireplace to be uniquely yours.


Panoramic Fireplace Dimensions



The 700 HD+ has a more square appearance, due to the increased height and reduced width when compared with the others.


Both the 1250 HD+ and the 1500 HD+ boast impressive dimensions. Both would be excellent additions to most living rooms or lounges, with the 1250 HD+ not being too large for even a smaller room. The 1500 HD+ will comfortably hold its presence in larger rooms, and pairs well with larger televisions, when you may consider a media centre.


‘This is all great’, you may be thinking. ‘But what does it look like in real life? Can I see it in person, or do you have any videos about these products?’ Well, you are in luck. In our video below, Gareth takes you through the unboxing of a 1250 HD+ fire, arranging the fuel bed and gives a sneak preview of the fire in action.



As with all of our products, if you have any questions please get in touch. Our expert sales and customer services teams know the ins and outs of all our products. They will be happy to help with any question you have.