Is An Electric Fire Safe?

You want your home to be safe and fire safety is always a big priority, especially if you have small children or animals, we look at the benefits of having an electric fire for safety in the home.

Can you safely install an electric fire yourself?

With a gas fire it is important that you get a registered gas installer to fit your gas fire, if not you could be vulnerable to gas leaks and explosions. Therefore gas fires are not advisable as a DIY project.

However, if you have an electric fire, in theory, all you need to do is plug it in and it will work. An electric fire is very safe to install yourself, we box our electric fires up with easy to install fittings so even fixing in place is easy for the less experienced DIYer.

Our electric fires are very safe to install and because you do not need to pay an expert this is a great saving when you buy an electric fireplace for your home.

Check out the video below of just how easy it is to install one of our fires.

Is an Electric fire safe for children?

Electric fires have no fuel burning to create heat so they are not a fire hazard and very safe. The heat comes from the bottom or the front of the fireplace using a fan so they are efficient and never get too hot to burn.

The glass at the front is safe to touch as the heat doesn’t come from the ‘flame’ effect. Our HD flame effect is the most realistic flames around but do not actually burn so are very safe. Because the glass doesn’t get too hot this means that if a young child or pet got close they would be perfectly safe.

Electric fires are energy efficient as well as being perfectly safe to run.

electric fires safe for pets