Introducing: Bespoke Panoramic 2000 3DP Ultra

One of our flagship fires, the Bespoke 2000 3DP is a masterpiece.

Obviously, we would be expected to be a touch biased. The facts however, speak for themselves. We are thrilled at the reception this beautiful fire has received, having sold out several times after launching with us earlier this year. We are very pleased to announce that more are now in stock and available to order!

What makes the fire so special?

We need to be clear here. We are very proud of the aesthetic appeal of the Bespoke 2000 3DP, as we are with the massive amount of options available for the fuel beds, colours and unique flames. One thing that keeps us streets ahead of our competitors though, is the quality of the fire – the build quality, the touch and feel of the glass, the corners, the controls.

The flame quality is unique to Fireplace Factory, with the latest 3D flame technology. This is not a flat image, and changes as a real fire would as you walk around the room.

The Bespoke 2000 3DP comes with a range of 5 built-in flame colour options.

Deep orange evoking the traditional flames from logs or coal, without any of the environmental concerns with no particulates or pollution released and operating at 100% efficiency at the point of use.

Trio gives a blend of three colours, providing a vibrant flame to capture the attention of you and your family or guests. The beautiful Trio setting works incredibly well with our Clear Gems or Large Crystal fuel beds.

The fire also offers a Dual option, pretty similar to the Trio but a blend of two colours rather than three. Again, the vibrancy is clear to see, with the flames dancing around.

Crystal Blue delivers a truly dynamic experience – Traditional fires cannot get close to this effect, with its mesmeric hue bringing a unique experience to your room. The blue flames are a sure-fire talking point for guests and they are versatile enough to work with any of our fuel beds.

The final option is perhaps the most stunning – Ice White flames. A subtle, yet beautiful, flame colour, working brilliantly with any fuel bed options. The Ice White flame helps provide a sophisticated light to your room, while also being inviting and cosy like the more traditional Deep Orange colour.

Our fuel bed choices include our ever popular HD Logs, white pebbles and clear gems. The set also includes smoked gems, large crystals and burning embers. These can be mixed and matched with one another to create a display that is truly personalised and unique to you. You can easily experiment with different options, so unlike solid fuel or gas fires you aren’t stuck with one choice throughout the year. The fuel beds do not burn in our fires and will last for the lifetime of the fire.

Still feel like you would like more control over how your fire looks? Well the Bespoke 2000 3DP also features a range of up-lights and downlights that illuminate the fuel beds with your choice of colour. The effect is stunning and can change the whole ambiance of your room, to match your mood perfectly.

The product review video below gives a visual demonstration of what we have been talking about here.

As the video shows, the Bespoke 2000 3DP will be a stunning addition your room, with the full 2000mm width this fire is perfectly suited to be used as part of your media wall.

Set into the media wall, with a TV, satellite or cable, games console or projector above it, your room becomes an entertainment hub. Being a full 2000mm wide, the fire provides the perfect accompaniment to even the largest television. Becoming an integral part of your room, without dominating it or demanding too much space.

The fire is also available in a one sided, two sided or three sided configuration. So the fire can fit flush into a wall (one sided), rest in a corner position (2 sided) or feature as part of a media wall or fireplace setting (3 sided).


So there we have an overview of some of the key features of the Bespoke 2000 3DP Ultra. If you would like any more specific information about the fire, please refer to our product page here.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0151 792 0091 or drop the sales and support department an email and our friendly teams will do their best to help with your enquiry.