Fireplace Suites for Landlords and Property Developers

electric fire suite

An electric fireplace suite can add value to a property you are looking to sell or rent out, they are a safe option for tenants and provide the wow factor in viewings.

Selling and renting properties is a competitive market and many property developers and landlords like to add features to a property to increase its value. When looking for a new home, buyers and renters often have a list of things they are looking for. They may have a specific number of bedrooms in mind or bathrooms, they may want a large kitchen or separate family room, but what really gives a property the wow factor is the finishing touches.

Electric Fire suite

As a landlord you have a responsibility to make sure houses are safe for tenants, electric fire suites are a safer alternative to gas fires, not only are they safer to instal they are cool to touch as they emit heat from a fan so limits potential accidents in the home.

Some landlords include service charges in their rent; if you do then an electric fire is a much cheaper and efficient way to heat the home than a wood burner or a gas fire. If your tenant is paying their own bills then this is a plus point for them.

Electric fires are a lovely feature for the home and instantly transforms a living room area, making it cosier and inviting.


If you are a landlord or a property developer looking to add value to your properties with an electric fire suite why not get in touch with our team to discuss the many premium electric fires we have available.