Design for Comfort, How an Electric Fire Makes Your Home a Sanctuary

In uncertain times, adding an electric fire can make your home a warm and comforting sanctuary, as we spend more time at home, make your home a sanctuary with a comforting fire.

Since the invention of fire by cavemen, the fire has been a source of innovation, warmth, nourishment, community, and comfort.

Our primal instincts mean that firelight and fire are seen as healing, meditative, and nurturing. The hearth that the family gathers around. The fire that provides heat for cooking food and nourishment, and the obvious warmth and comfort on a cold night.

The fire has evolved a lot since then, as have we, we now have ovens and homes, but fire remains a comforting source.

fire is a primal comfort

Fire is a Primal Comfort

This November we are back in lockdown, the cold winter is starting and we have a lot of uncertainty over how long coronavirus will be around and what effect this will have on us as a society. Many people are furloughed now until March and the thought of a more limited Christmas without seeing your large and extended family can be very unsettling.

More and more people are focusing on the positives, this is a great way to help your mental health get through these uncertain times. Making your home a nicer place to retreat to over lockdown is one of the biggest and best things you can do for yourself and your family.

Changing your interior design with some DIY can make you feel so much better. To really turn your home into a sanctuary you should look at your most basic primal comforts. What colours make you feel safe, what home comforts can you bring in, can you put more photos up of your family whom you miss and of course adding an electric fire to warm the house and the flicker of the flame will give you comfort and mindfulness.

You can choose many options from our bespoke electric fires, the colour of the flame, the fuel, as well as the finish. Electric fires are safe and easy to instal as a simple addition to your home or as part of a bigger DIY project such as adding a fake wall and media centre.