Buy A Bespoke Fireplace – Why You Need One

You’ve trawled the furniture shops, gone through Pinterest to find the perfect inspo for your home interiors but what can make or break your look is your fireplace. Your Fireplace is at a key focal point of the room and needs to be perfect and look right. You could spend hours and hours going around showrooms or online but the simplest and best solution will be to get a bespoke fireplace.

Your Fireplace is like Goldilocks and the three bears, it can’t be too hot, too cold, it can’t be too big, too small it needs to be just right.

We all love the impression a large panoramic fireplace can make but not all homes are big enough for this, which is why we have a number of sizes available in this range and also some impressive alternative designs for a different room.


Why a Bespoke Fireplace?

A bespoke fireplace will let you choose key features from the size and measurements you need to be exact, the finish if you want a premium marble finish, and also options like flame colour and fuel option.

At Fireplace factory, all our fireplaces come with 1,000’s of bespoke combinations to make an electric fireplace suite as unique as your home is.

Whilst an electric fireplace is an ideal way to heat a room in an efficient and low-cost way, the fireplace is still a very key piece in any room. In the living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom a fireplace is a focal point and for a truly unique design, you need a bespoke fireplace that fits perfectly.

Rather than showing thousands of different options we have the best Fireplace designs with customisable options so you can create your own bespoke fireplace instead of wasting time looking through every possible design of an electric fireplace. Delivering on practicality, efficiency, cost, and style – look no further than our website for all your electric fireplace needs.