What is the minimum distance I need between my TV and electric Fire?


Aimee from Fireplace Factory demonstrates in this short video the minimum distance we recommend between your electric fire and your TV when mounting onto a media wall or feature wall.

It is up to you how far apart you want your TV to be from your fireplace and some electric fire suites will allow a greater distance naturally, but if you are looking to place a large TV close to your fire then you should be aware that there is a recommended minimum distance between your TV and fire.


What is the minimum distance between your electric fire and TV?

  • The recommended minimum distance between an electric fire and TV on a mounted wall is 100 mm or 10 cms

The recommended distance between your fire and TV is less than a child sized ruler, in fact only 2/3 of the size of a 15 cm ruler. As a minimum distance, this is a great guideline and gives you options on how to place your TV and fire. You wouldn’t want your TV and fire to be too close as this will be distracting but having the option to have them from 10cms/100 mm means you have more options of the size of TV you choose.

If you are thinking of installing a media center on a feature wall we have some great DIY videos to help you.