Should I get an Electric Fire?

When buying a fire for your home there are many options, gas, wood burner or electric fire, which is the best fireplace option for you?

When it comes to heating your home, there are many different options, with such good central heating in most houses a fire can be seen as decorative as well as practical and it is often important you don’t overheat a room. Gas and electric fires as well as wood burners are very popular in living spaces and reception rooms, but choosing the right option for you may be hard.

If you already have a fireplace in your home, you may be tempted to stick with what you already have, so replacing a gas fire with another gas fire, however, may limit your options and if you don’t have a fire in the room already can be very confusing. You also need to consider costs, while many people budget for one-off costs for installations they forget about running costs. Electric fires are the cheapest fires to run as well as install.

Bespoke Galaxy 72 electric fire suite

Electric Fire designs and suites

There are hundreds and thousands of electric fireplace designs to choose from, many are hard to distinguish from a gas fire and some even look like wood burners. The most popular design trend available is the panoramic electric fire which is the choice of many modern houses. However, if you prefer a more traditional or classic look there are many electric fires to choose from.

Easy to install

Electric fires are really easy to install and at Fireplace Factory, we have made them even easier by designing our packs to clip together so all you need to do is mount and plug in. Our fireplace suites are made for DIY so you don’t need to pay a handyman or electrician to help you. Without the need for a corgi registered installer, you can click to order your electric fire and depending on delivery be enjoying your fire before you know it. If you have a modern home you may not have a chimney, in which case an electric fire is perfect as no chimney or extractor would need to be installed and you can safely and cheaply install a fire in any room of your home.

Simple to use

Super simple to use our electric fires have a remote control to set a timer, control the heat settings and adjust the display. We also have a special open window energy-saving cut-out device so you won’t waste any excess energy if an open window is detected. Our electric fires can be used all year round as they have different heat settings for those cooler nights or cold winter days, and for hotter days you can use the cool air fan.

Energy efficient

Most new fires will give you an energy efficiency rating however with a real flame from gas or a wood burner these can be unreliable and also hard to control the temperature output. Electric fires are much more energy-efficient, not only because they have smart thermostats and features such as open window cut out, but because they only emit heat from the fan so not heating up any other area than the target room. Because the energy output is more efficient and controllable this makes it much better long term for the environment and means it is easier to budget your electricity costs.