My House Doesn’t Have A Chimney? What Fireplace Can I Get?

More and more modern homes are being built without the traditional chimney and also many older homes have chimneys that are blocked up for various reasons, this can limit the choice of fireplace you can get.

We have put together a few different options for your to choose from

Electric fires

The fastest cheapest, safest, and energy efficient option is an electric fire, this is because electric fires emit heat through a fan at the front or top, therefore no need for an extractor element, flue or chimney. At Fireplace factory we believe that  Electric fires are the best option, electric fires are now much more impressive as they have adapted new technology to be more design-focused and easy to control rather than the older electric fires from the 80s that initially gave electric fires a bad rep. Electric fires can be mounted on any wall so you could in theory have one in every room of your home without needing a chimney.

Flueless gas fires

Flueless gas fires do not need a chimney or flue, however, you still need a gas supply in the room and the room should be well ventilated, if you have a small room then a fluless gas fire may not be practical or safe as they have a minimum size room requirement.

Balanced flue fires

Balanced flue fires are similar to a flueless fire where you will need a gas connection, however, you will also need access to an external wall for the flue to be installed and reach the outside.

Twin wall flue fires

Twin wall flue fires will require you to have access to the exterior of your home, so you will be limited as to which room you can put these in, the same as for a balanced flue fire. These are most commonly used for a stove-style fireplace and will need to be installed by a professional. It is possible to hide the flue pipes with a false chimney breast or by bricking it up to complete the more traditional look.