How to Build a False Wall For An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplace fake media wall

Here at Fireplace Factory we want you to have the fireplace and media wall of your dreams. The most popular home interior trend is a chimney breast holding your TV and a stunning electric fireplace. 

Building a false fireplace and media breast for your home seems like an expensive job, it requires knowledge and trade skills but it doesn’t have to be. We have teamed up with the UK’s favourite DIY expert, Craig Phillips, to show you step by step how to build your own false wall for an electric fireplace and TV.

You’ve seen the Instagram photos of other peoples media walls. They’ve got the tv sunk into the false breast showing the football or one of Netflix’s latest offerings. No wires. The electric fire perfectly sets the mood in a dark room. YOU’RE SOLD. You want it. If they can have it, why can’t you.

DIY Media Wall for your Fire and TV

Let Craig Phillips show you how to build your fake chimney breast to nest your TV and Electric Fire suite.

Follow Craig’s step by step instructions to build the perfect fireplace wall, pause and follow the video as you go so you don’t miss anything.


Why build a fake wall for your electric fireplace and TV?


  • A false wall is an interior designer’s dream, the current trend is a media wall to act as the focal point for your room.
  • A fake chimney breast is minimalist, it hides wires to your TV and electric fire that would normally be on show and look unsightly. 
  • Despite taking up more space than the original wall it gives the illusion of more space as you don’t need TV stands or clutter around your TV and fireplace. 
  • A fake wall means you can secure the TV and Fireplace on any wall knowing you won’t create any structural damage to a load bearing wall in your home. 


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