Guide to Buying an Electric Fire

It can be difficult choosing an electric fire for your home, here we give you a step-by-step guide to buying an electric fire.

Step 1

Figure out where the fireplace is going, which room, ho much space is available, do you already have a wall with a gap to fit it?

Ideally, you will want to hide the leads and plug to give the best visual impact and look tidy on your wall without cables everywhere so if you don’t already have a cavity and access to a plug you may need to get a handyman in or do this yourself. You may need to hire an electrician if you are in an older house but most new builds have plenty of electric plug sockets built-in and accessible as the popularity of electric fires has increased.

Most electric fires are very simple and easy to fit and are as easy as just mounting on the wall and plugging in. Buying an electric fire from Fireplace Factory we have made our fires easier than ever to install with fittings that are made for DIY.

buying an electric fire

Step 2

Choosing the right fire.

Depending on the room or space you may limit your choice of fire, a small bedroom fire would be a different choice to one that is for a large living room and intended to be a key focal point.

Your choice of fire will depend on your requirements, do you want it for the ambient mood, or primarily as a heat source. How big will the fire be? The wall space will dictate how big a fire you can get. You may want a large panoramic fireplace, or perhaps a smaller more subtle fireplace. Once you have decided you can then choose the best electric fire that ticks all the boxes. Once you have chosen your fireplace you may also be able to choose fuel and flame options and upgrades on a finish to give you a unique bespoke fire that is perfect for your home.

Step 3

Order and install, Fireplace Factory makes buying an electric fire easy just click the fire, choose your options, buy online then we will arrange delivery. All our fires are easy to install for anyone even with no DIY experience.

Alternatively, you can get in touch or visit our showroom to go through all our fireplace options with an expert.