Fireplace Jargon: Decoded

It seems that everywhere you look there are strange new words, or even worse acronyms, describing things that are pretty straightforward items, irl (in real life! Sorry, couldn’t resist). Marketing

Scatola Suite carrera electric fire

Modern Fireplaces for Modern Homes

Electric fireplaces are a big hit with our customers, they send us emails and call us to tell us how much they love their new fires, and they can’t believe

1500-Panoramic-electric fire for media centre

Should you hang your TV above your fire?

Ever since electric fires became the beautiful, stylish products they now are, the question has been asked. Is it safe to hang my TV above my fireplace? In fairness, it

TV Fireplace Media Wall

Matching Your TV Size to Your Fireplace.

How big should my fireplace be when my TV is mounted above it? Not everyone agrees with the trend toward mounting TVs above fireplaces. However, the reality is, that it


  You’ve seen the Instagram photos of other peoples media walls. They’ve got the tv sunk into the false breast showing the football or one of netflixs latest offerings. No

Home Improvement – Never a better time.

Whilst I type this blog, the paint brushes have only just been put away at 22:15. Yesterday the wall paper got stripped. Easily two of the most tedious chores that

New Build Electric Fits – The Blank Canvas

So you’ve just moved into a new build. The rooms are bare and all you can see are clear blank walls. What we see, is a blank canvas. Time to

Electric or Gas? Existing brick chimney homes.

Apart from making sure you’re having a lovely day. The first question we ask our customers is, “are you looking for electric or gas?” It’s a question that stumps many

Latest Covid 19 Update

Great News! We are delivering directly to customers homes (this is for our Electric Fire range only), during this period.

Craig Phillips becomes Bespoke ambassador

Mr DIY himself has become the face and public ambassador for Bespoke fireplaces ltd. Craig has joined the team to expand the ever-growing DIY range of products that Bespoke continues to develop.