Black Friday is coming!

Black Friday – The famous day where crazy sales and offers are available from a lot of retailers, both online and instore. The videos of people, desperate to get the

Panoramic 2000 Fire

Introducing: Bespoke Panoramic 2000 3DP Ultra

One of our flagship fires, the Bespoke 2000 3DP is a masterpiece. Obviously, we would be expected to be a touch biased. The facts however, speak for themselves. We are

Fireplace Factory - The Denver Suite Bespoke 890HD+

Introducing… The Denver Suite

Here at the Fireplace Factory we have a great range of fires and surrounds available for our customers. Offering you the chance to customise your choice of which fire to

TV Fireplace Media Wall

Looking for Inspiration?

Let us set the scene here, you have made the great choice to buy an electric fireplace. After reading all of the rave reviews, and all the posts on our

Ten reasons we think you should get an electric fire

1. Safety We will start with the big one. Safety is a primary concern, whenever a fire is considered. This is where electric fires play an absolute trump card. With

Bespoke Fireplace 2000 HD+ Panoramic

Do electric fires give off much heat?

A cold winter night, darkness fell early even before you got home. The house is cold, and you want to get warm quickly. You get settled in, turn on the

One of our best-selling ranges

We have a great range of fires and suites at the Fireplace Factory, and we are proud to say so. Some ranges generate more interest from customers than others. Consistently

Scatola Suite carrera electric fire

Does an electric Fire need a special outlet?

In our showroom, one of the most frequently asked questions about electric fires is “Does an electric Fire need a special outlet?” There seems to be a common misconception that


Why Have Electric Fires Become So Popular?

The past few years have seen a huge increase in demand for Electric fires and electric fireplaces, but why have they become so popular all of a sudden? Back in

Grey bespoke fireplace

Buy A Bespoke Fireplace – Why You Need One

You’ve trawled the furniture shops, gone through Pinterest to find the perfect inspo for your home interiors but what can make or break your look is your fireplace. Your Fireplace